Monday, November 29, 2010

...Itty Bitty Living Space!

So I have a pretty decent size apartment, and even though it would be nice if we had one more room, I am fine with living in a relatively small space.

The boyfriend and I have always talked about moving to NYC at some point, just for a little while. And we know (and he constantly reminds me) that with moving to NY comes downsizing quite a bit.

Daniel and Dasha Faires are 20-something newlyweds from the South who moved to a 375-sq ft apartment on the Lower East Side a year ago. And what they've done with the place is pretty remarkable. To be fair, it has great character—brick walls, beautiful wood floors, and a backyard area that is to die for, and looks to be nearly the size of the apartment itself. For this, they pay $2000/month, which seems outrageous, but once you see the patio, you'll understand. It's pretty gorgeous.

I hope we don't have to downsize this much whenever we make the move, but with this adorable little space as inspiration, it might make the shift a little bit easier.

Slideshow here.

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