Thursday, November 11, 2010

Luxury (or, If You Need to Buy Me Stocking Stuffers...)

I am a Taurus, which means I like nice things, pretty things, comfy things, luxurious things. It's why I will sometimes scrimp on food to get a throw pillow I love. It's why sometimes I will buy the fancy cheese for $2 more just because. I like to be surrounded by beautiful things and things that make my quality of life better.

That said, there are some things I just can't bring myself to indulge in, some things that just scream "ultimate luxury" to me.

My dad's girlfriend got me this amazing candle (the mini version) for Christmas last year. I had never heard of the brand, I knew nothing about it, I was like, gee, thanks, a candle. But oh my God, what a candle. The first time I burned this thing it was the beginning of a new chapter in my life. The warm, cozy, woody smell of this candle is so enveloping and seductive, all I wanted to do was lounge on my bed under soft lighting, smell the candle, read magazines, paint my toenails, and pretend I had not a care, and all the money in the world. I burned that thing out in 2 months flat, so I looked online to see how much it was so I could get a new one, stat, and was amazed/horrified to discover they cost $60 for a full size. So when my birthday rolled around in April and she asked what I wanted, the first thing I said was "a Feu de Bois candle!" I have been rationing this one, burning it only when I know I will be in the room a lot and my nose isn't stuffy so I can smell it (I know, I know). But it's nearing Thanksgiving and I've still got a few hours on that puppy. Worth it. What do you think is on my Christmas list?

The ultimate Dyptique luxury?

To me, luxury is about being super comfortable and enjoying things that are absolutely frivolous and absolutely wonderful.

A few years ago, I got a pair of shearling slippers from J.Crew for Christmas. They were super cozy and soft and amazing, and I wore them until the fur wore out of the inside and one of the little bows came off. So last year I went and got myself a pair from Target for $15. They were a little scratchy, and made my feet sweat, but they were essentially the same thing, and I've imagined that they've lasted longer but I think I've let the 3 years that I had the J.Crew ones run together so I am pretending that they wore out faster than my cheaper ones. Either way, it's about time for a new pair. Especially since you can't really wash them. Also on my Christmas list?

A set of cozy flannel pajamas also seem absolutely luxurious to me, perfect for picturesque Christmas mornings by the fire (or no fireplace, with the windows open because it's 85 degrees, welcome to California). Either way, these are adorable.

What else is absolutely luxurious? Those little things that are completely frivolous but help you pretend you are impossibly rich, like a snakeskin passport cover.

Perfect for your jet-setting lifestyle, and keeping your passport protected from wear and tear as you hop from European country to European country. (While you're at it, maybe you want to pick up some glamorous $2000 luggage to transport your wardrobe? Just go for it and get the whole set.)

If I had my absolute comfortable glamorous bedroom, I would love to have a sable-colored faux fur throw. But it seems silly to spend $100 on it just randomly. Luxury.

West Elm faux fur throw, $119 ($95 at 20% off until 11/22)
(Ironically, that image is from a page on on how to make your own faux fur throw and NOT spend hundreds of dollars. Instructions here.)

Also luxurious? $22 nail polish. (I still want this color really bad. I might bite the bullet and pay the jacked up eBay prices for this limited edition, out of stock shade.)

My post-Christmas days will likely be spent splurging on more practical items at sale price, just the way I like 'em. But a girl can still dream...


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I'll have to smell that candle next time I'm over. haha

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