Friday, June 10, 2011


I'm just coming into that time in my life where everyone I know is getting married, and while I'm a little ways away (I think) I've definitely done some thinking about what I would and wouldn't want. The dress, however, has been somewhat of a mystery. I think I would need to go try on many different styles of dresses to see what would really look good on me, and what I would feel comfortable in. I'm really not sure if I would want more casual or more glamorous.


The boyfriend and I went to a double feature of Hitchcock films last week, and after seeing To Catch a Thief again (and on the big screen!) I am swooning over Grace Kelly's white gown in the fireworks scene. It is the epitome of simple, elegant, and classic. She is exceptionally full of, well, grace, but I think if I put on a gown like this I would be too. Ideas...

(images via google search)