Thursday, November 4, 2010

Because it really is true that women don't dress for men, they dress for other women

Sweet baby Jesus, THREE posts in a day after no posts for a YEAR? This is what boredom and a bevy of awesome things creates.

Again, sweet baby Jesus—this blog is amazing.

There I am, trying to watch a cool old movie ("Secret Agent") and having a really hard time understanding the dialogue through the terrible old-timey audio and my blaring air conditioner and ca-thunking clothes dryer, when I pick up my newly-arrived Lucky magazine. I flip through, quickly losing track of the plot of the movie, and stumble upon their Guest Blogger feature. They are featuring Leandra Medine and her blog "The Man Repeller." It sounds genius. I open Safari. I type. I click.

Good God, it is the answer to my fashion-loving but weird-trend-averse dreams.

My boyfriend generally likes the way I dress. He likes that I take an interest in the way I look. But, he finds some of the things I wear to be ridiculous (i.e., these). But they are trendy, they are hip, they are popular, and I like them. And, more importantly, other girls like them.

It's just like that in Van Morrison song, "the girls walk by dressed up for each other." Girls dress for girls. Some may pretend they're dressing for their guy, or to get a guy, but unless you're a club chick or a trashy ho, you're probably not doing a very good job of it. Because guys don't like weird things like harem pants and big fur coats. They just want to see your pretty face and what your body looks like. Too much fabric, too many colors, patterns, shapes, they get confused.

And that is what Man Repeller is all about. Because fashion is weird as fuck, but girls like it. Guys don't want girls who are into weird shit (except in the bedroom, maybe). They generally want a nice, pretty girl, and oh, it would be really nice if she can cook.

But girls will be girls, and we will wear drop-crotch pants and turbans (maybe together, maybe not) and some other girl who sees us will think we're cool, and that's all that matters to most people. And hopefully, at the end of the day, we will somehow still get laid.

Kudos, Leandra, you are my new (celibate) hero. And you dress really well (at least, according to girls).

Oh, and "Secret Agent" is still on and I have no idea what's going on. All I know is Peter Lorre is pretending to be Mexican. Or Italian. I can't tell. It's very un-PC.


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